Biaxin and plaquenil for lyme

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    Biaxin and plaquenil for lyme

    He also said to take the Tindamax 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off. I hate the bitter, metallic taste in my mouth from it. Then, he realized my yeast wasn't clearing up after 4 weeks on Nystatin, so he said hold the Biaxin while I take 10 days of Diflucan.

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    MATERIAL/METHODS 235 patients with a multi-symptom complex typical of chronic Lyme disease, ie fatigue, musculoskeletal pain, and neurocognitive dysfunction and with serologic reactivity against B.burgdorferi were treated with a macrolide antibiotic eg clarithromycin and hydroxychloroquine. Just to be safe, they had me stop. My doc added in Biaxin and Plaquenil, which makes the Biaxin more effective. He said it is good for both Bart and Lyme when they go intracellular. What a crazy set of diseases. I am on 8 different meds, not including the others I have taken in the last few months. I know quite a lot of us are taking Plaquenil hydroxychloroquine for RA, often in combination with AP. I started taking it in November 2010, with clarithromycin for RA/Lyme. The dr who prescribed it said it was an ‘anti-malarial’, but that does not mean it is an antibiotic does it ?

    Within an hour I developed a really irritating sore throat and felt really out of it. So last night, I took my first doses of Diflucan and Plaquenil.

    Biaxin and plaquenil for lyme

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  6. Starting slow sounds wise. When I took Biaxin & Plaquenil, I only felt really tired for a couple days, but then I haven't had any muscle pain. Plaquenil is widely used, although there is the very rare case of vision loss on it. My doc assumed me it was quite rare and that I would do the requisite vision tests to keep tabs on that.

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    Both are better tolerated than the older macrolide antibiotic erythromycin in having fewer gastrointestinal side effects. Both azithromycin and clarithromycin are considered second-line agents for Lyme disease among individuals who cannot tolerate doxycycline, amoxicillin, or cefuroxime. Our LLMD said she used it to change intercellular pH and increase cellular penetration of the other ABX biaxin/rifampin. So we were on 3, yikes! I happened upon a couple of blogs mentioning some LLMD’s changing opinions of plaquenil. The first opinion was that the reason plaquenil helps lyme symptoms is because it acts as an immune. Oct 07, 2008 I am curious why your doctor is switching meds so often. It my understanding that the typical dose of Biaxin prescribed for Lyme is 1000 mg daily. This is the dose I took. Some doctors prescribe Plaquenil with it to help it work more efficiently. What dose of Malarone are you taking? Are you familiar with the Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction herx?

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    Applies to chloroquine: oral tablet Along with its needed effects, chloroquine may cause some unwanted effects. Hydroxychloroquine Side Effects Common, Severe, Long Term. Aralen chloroquine Malaria Drug Side Effects & Dosage Chloroquine - Wikipedia
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    So I'm on Prednisone again after weaning off of it. thanks, nev There could be many reasons why you were put back on Prednisone. Medications used to treat lupus Lupus Foundation of America Prednisone and plaquenil - Treating Lupus with Steroids Johns Hopkins Lupus Center
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    Hydroxychloroquine User Reviews for Dermatomyositis at Plaquenil hydroxychloroquine "I have dermatomyositis and have been taken Prednisone and Plaquenil. At first the combo was helping with the muscle pain and rash. After 2 wks on the Plaquenil I got a sunburn itchy rash all over my body. I also have bruise/like spots where the old rash was."

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